Panasonic Lumix GH5

Client: Brave Agency

Panasonic wanted to show how a Lumix GH5 is perfect for capturing fast moving action, and extracting crisp 4K & 6K photographs from. No matter how fast the action gets, they wanted to prove that you’ll be able to scroll through a series of sharp stills that capture the action beautifully.

The idea behind the campaign was to shoot fast paced sports as a visually interesting and challenging way of conveying this message to their audience, by teaming up with a professional photographer and free-surfer, who have built up some serious credentials within their particular fields.

In this short film we follow our photographer and Panasonic Ambassador Steven Clarey and free surfer Dion Agius to Mozambique, as we watch Steven and the Lumix GH5 capture every inspiring moment of the road trip, both in and out of the water.